Assessment Tools / Protocols


Edited By: Dr. Umit Tural, Dr. Ayse Dilara Yalcin, Dr. Firdevs Alioglu

Kocaeli University, Kocaeli, Turkey, January 2018

Resources :

  1. Refugee Health Technical Assistance Service
  2. Assessing Mental Health andPsychosocial Needs and Resources: Toolkit for Humanitarian Settings
  3. Screening and Assessing Immigrant and Refugee Youth in School-Based Mental Health Programs
  4. Mental Health Screening Recommendations for Newly Arrived Refugees in Minnesota
  5. Vulnerability Screening Tool
  6. EASO Tool For Identification Of Persons With Special Needs
  7. PROTECT- Questionnaireand Observationsfor Early ─░dentification of Asylum Seekers Having Suffered Traumatic Experience

    Asylum seekers’ Protection Indices (ΑSPIS)

    Tool   made  by UNHCR


Watch the video animation to see an easy tool for detecting traumatic events with 10 questions.

These questions can facilitate the early recognition of persons having suffered traumatic experiences, e.g. victims of torture, psychological, physical or sexual violence and are inspired from: