Support Summary

This section contains  some validated and appropriate psychological support tools and evidence for best practice within the migrant and refugee services and support context. These tools  are  freely available to KHub users to support them in better understanding the needs of migrants and refugees and ways to support them. 

  • Best practice guidelines are  summarised and made available to Hub users to offer a framework for supporting migrants and refugees in ways that are most likely to be helpful and appropriate.
  • Tools for  providing psychological support  offer an  opportunity for healthcare workers/volunteers and migrants/refugees to collaborate on best practice approaches that are most appropriate to meet the emotional and psychological needs of those requiring support. 
  • Self-help tools  address the psychological and emotional wellbeing of healthcare workers and volunteers,  allowing workers to learn about ways to look after their own wellbeing and how to recognise when colleagues may be in need of further support.

Choose the relevant and appropriate psychological tools:

International guides


Assessment tools/protocols

Invervention tools/protocols

Self-help tools for healthcare professionals and volunteers