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Framework and Guidelines for "My story"

Please complete this template which aims to capture your journey as a parent refugee/migrant. You don not have to complete all the sections. Just the ones you feel comfortable with*

*Please note that your story may appear on the It will be anonymous and none of the information will identify you. We retain the right to remove any information that may be offensive and to make minor edits to the text.

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(Provide as much or as little detail as you wish. Please focus your story on the challenges/difficulties you faced to parent your child/children, during your journey and/or your stay in the host country or refugee camp. Your story will help you to reflect on your journey which you may find therapeutic. It is also going to help other refugees/migrants reading this to deal with their emotional trauma and distress. Your story will also enable those who care for you (such as volunteers or members of the formal services) to provide parenting support and advice to those who need it.)
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