IENE 8 Project

The Project Objectives

1. Mapping of the needs of migrant and refugee families with children on parenting skills, focusing on factors that provide resilience, as well as those factors that disempower parents and children during refugeedom

2. Develop a curriculum for nurses and other health professionalsand volunteers, to enable them to provide support, knowledge and skills on parenting and child-family health care needs, under extreme and unique conditions

3. Develop bite-size learning units for parents to enable them in improving knowledge in regards to parenting and support of their children and family.

4. Providetraining for nurses and other health professionals and volunteers

5. Use Khub to share stories from professionals regarding their experience and training refugee and migrant families with children on parenting related matters.

6. Disseminate the results, outputs of the project through workshops, webinars, national seminars